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Knit Wool Shorts July 14, 2009

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IMG_0263I used up my scrap wool from several different other projects to make these shorts for BeBop.  Wool makes a great cover over cloth diapers because it can absorb a lot of water before it feels wet.  We have use wool quite a bit through the winter and I liked that it kept BeBop warm.  I was a little concerned that wool in the summer would be hot and sticky but its keeps BeBop’s bum nice and dry.  Plus, its a much better alternative to plastic covers.  

I combined two different patterns for these shorts and have been pretty happy with the result.  However, I did have to add a drawstring because BeBop has figured out how to pull his pants off.


One Response to “Knit Wool Shorts”

  1. Tami Says:

    Yea, no big deal. Just meshed a couple of patterns together with left over yarn. You, my friend are amazing.

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