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Recent Knitting August 11, 2009

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I know I haven’t posted anything recently, and I’d like to say I spent all my time knitting.  I spent a little of my time knitting, and more of my time frustrated with WordPress.  There’s nothing wrong with WordPress, I have just experienced quite a bit of user error.  But onto the knitting…

I made a pair of baby pants for a friend.  The yarn was hand dyed with easter egg dye.  I was trying to create a yarn that would have short color repeats and no pooling of color.  I think if I had knitted this in any other size it would have.  This is the first pair I have made using the Adorabubble Baby Britches pattern.  If you are looking for a pattern for baby pants I highly recommend this one.  Melanie has created a unique gusset that doesn’t require grafting.  Someone commented that the color pattern looks like ripples from a rock dropped in water.  Even though they didn’t completely meet my vision I like the way these pants turned out.  Unfortunately, they were lost in the mail.



I actually started these socks at the end of April and finished them sometime in May, but didn’t take a picture until August.  They are 100% superwash wool boot socks custom made for my husband.  My second pair of completed socks!  I used the Bernat Socks for the Family pattern.  Its a free pattern but you have to register and log into their site to view it.




Diaper Swap May 1, 2009

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We use cloth diapers and have since BeBop McDudley came home from the hospital.  I love them!  We started just using prefolds (flat diapers).  Once BeBop started walking, I started having trouble getting the prefold tight around his legs, resulting in a mess on more than one occasion.  I recently started sewing diapers so I could experiment with different styles.  I signed up for Diaper Sewing Divas and have learned all I know from the various tutorials and suggestions.  Thanks Ladies!  I also signed up for a diaper swap this month.  A friend in California made a pocket diaper, a mini diaper and a cover for me.  She also sent me some fabric that will become a diaper soon.  I have no pictures of the pocket diaper because BeBop has immediately pooped in it every time I put it on him.  The mini diaper is a little too big so we haven’t used it as a diaper yet, however it has spent some time as a toy:


And the cover: 


In return I made a pair of wool shorts for her daughter.  I hand dyed the yarn in the crock pot and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  The colors are a little off in the picture but is mostly two shades of green with specks of blue and white.  The drawstring and flower are navy blue.  I used the curly purly waist band (adding an eyelet row after round 7) and the Aubry Doodlepants pattern for the bottom.  I used a picot bind off to create a small ruffle.  I am very happy with the result.


I used the left over yarn (plus my various wool scraps)  to make a set of dryer balls.


I have one more surprise planned that I hope to finish up over the weekend.  Thanks for looking.